Precinct Reporter Group – News for the Inland Empire, Orange County and Long Beach.

We have 125,000 diverse readers that look to our print coverage for local viewpoints on events and policies that impact us and our communities.

We are always evolving with a commitment to providing up to date information on a variety of platforms on state, county, and city politics alongside national issues that trickle down to the community level.

We have a broad mix of culture, arts and entertainment, and highlight resources to meet the needs of the community.

The Precinct Reporter was founded in 1965 by Art Townsend, installed posthumously in the Black Press Hall of Fame. It has been a community mainstay of pride and determination in engaging the Inland Empire, Orange County and Long Beach
with news that matters.

The Precinct Reporter has won many national and regional awards. It has also been recognized by a host of community organizations for Service and Leadership.


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